Feb 9, 2017

41 Outerlimits Powerboat Feature – Past Feature

41 Outerlimits Powerboat Feature

Loaded with premium Focal components and custom installation by Waves and Wheels is by far the best sounding system we’ve completed to date in a powerboat.  The several 100 hours that went into this project were well worth the results!


– 3xpr Focal 165KRX2 component sets
– 4xpr Focal EC165K coaxial
– 3x Focal E25KX subwoofers
– 3x Focal FDP 1.900 sub amps
– 2x Focal FDP 6.900
– 1x Mosconi 6to8 processor
– Multi color cockpit and engine bay LED kit
– Multi color underwater LEDs
– Aux battery bank
– Fusion UD-750
– Video integration with Garmin GPS screens
– Custom amp rack
– Custom sub enclosure
– Factory image side panel speaker panels