About Us


      Waves and wheels was started in 2001 by Founder, Owner and Operator Justin Wagner, opening the doors to his first storefront in 2003. What is now a multi successful enterprise was created with a mere  $300 investment more than a decade ago. Waves and wheels operate under the guidelines of extreme  care and dedication to customer service. “We don’t just strive to be great, we are a company that sets perfection as our goal.” Waves and wheels is known for constant growth and improvements in the marine customization industry by constantly setting new and higher standards every year. By building a  new facility in 2007 and adding WW Manufacturing to our enclave in 2009 (a fully functional company that provides installation and product solutions for the marine and power sport  industry) we set the Bar even higher. As if that wasn’t enough to carry the waves and wheels name alone in 2010 we also added custom upholstery, restoration and high end fabrication to the roster. The Waves and Wheels promise is that, this is a company that will constantly grow and improve. It will continually set the bar higher and higher remaining a leader in the industry.